Our Leather Conditioner in Action

Before & After:

Leather conditioner before and after photos of a saddle treated with Canadian beeseal

Our leather conditioner is also great for wood, plastic, vinyl, and much more!

We are 100% confident that even one Beeseal treatment will do wonders for your:

  • All full-grain leather (except suede)
  • Various equestrian products and uses
  • Leather and wood furniture (including wood cutting boards)
  • Shoes, boots, and other footwear
  • Leather jackets, gloves, and bags/purses/”murses”
  • Various vinyl goods, such as vehicle dashboards 

Bring out the best in your leather, wood, and vinyl goods while preserving its quality. 

Proudly made right here in Canada, our 100% organic leather conditioner resists even our harshest weather.

Our beeswax leather conditioner will make your leather, wood, and even vinyl products look fresh and new again.

Our unique recipe of beeswax and natural oils has a variety of uses. This includes leather clothing, wood finishing, equestrian uses, leather auto interiors, and even an effective, natural fly and mosquito repellent.

Photo of leather apparel with a Beeseal leather conditioner tin

We Use Only The Best Ingredients.

The ingredients in our leather conditioner are entirely natural, working in perfect combination to repel water, inhibit mold, and even keep stitching from rotting. And will also leave your leather and  wood materials free to breath.

Click here to learn more about the many uses for our product.

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All Natural Wax Leather and Wood Conditioner