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Canadian Beeseal conditions and protects your leather.

Why trust anything but Canadian Beeseal to treat and condition your leather clothing?

Unlike many other leather conditioning products, we here at Beeseal do not use any petroleum products or animal fats – all of the ingredients that we use in our product are 100% naturally derived and plant-based.

Why? Because we believe that a quality leather conditioner should only contain ingredients that are good enough to put on our own skin. It’s that simple.

Our all natural, made in Canada beeswax leather clothing conditioner is one of the very best leather conditioners you can use for your:

  • Leather jackets
  • Leather shoes and boots
  • Leather biker gear
  • Leather equestrian riding apparel
  • Leather belts
  • Leather gloves
  • Leather purses and bags

And any other type of non-suede leather gear and apparel you can think of!

Feel secure knowing that when you use Canadian Beeseal, you’re using the best Canadian made and Canadian sourced leather conditioner available. We think our product is the “bee’s knees” and are sure you will too, so we back our Canadian Beeseal with a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee. Buy our Beeseal leather conditioner with confidence.

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A leather conditioner protects and seals your leather clothing and gear from the elements as well as provides a deep, aesthetically pleasing shine.

Yes. Leather conditioners protect and seal leather jackets adding years of use.

Petroleum leaves your leather greasy. Animal fats leave a white film. Natural leather conditioners like Beeseal leave your leather shiny and sealed without the grease or film.

Leather conditioners can change the color or tone of your leather. It’s a good idea to test Beeseal leather conditioner on a small, hidden part of your leather.

Beeseal can be used on all leather products except suede.

Yes. Beeseal can be used on vinyl, rubber, and wood products as well.

Yes. Beeseal is sourced and manufactured right here in Canada.

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