Equestrian Leather Conditioning and Horse Care

More than just conditioning your tack and gear; it’s about protecting what you hold dear.

Beeseal not only conditions and protects your riding tack and gear – it also moisturizes your horse’s hooves.

Proudly made in Canada using 100% natural ingredients, our beeswax equine conditioner is a favourite in the equestrian community for its many different applications. Beeseal works as a:

  • Leather Conditioner + Protector
  • Vinyl Tack Conditioner + Protector
  • Hoof Moisturizer

Even a little Beeseal goes a long way! One 3.5 oz container is usually more than enough to effectively treat and protect your equine tack and apparel all while having enough left over for any of our product’s other various uses.

(* Please note that Canadian Beeseal should not be used on pregnant or foaling mares.)


Before and after image of saddle leather conditioner from Beeseal

Leather and Vinyl Tack Conditioner:

Quality tack is not cheap, so you need to protect your investment by using the most effective and natural tack conditioner and protectant available.

Beeseal’s unique mixture of natural Canadian beeswax, tea tree oil, and lemongrass oil is one of the most reliable and durable products for cleaning and protecting your tack against a tack room’s mold and mildew. Canadian Beeseal will not leave any greasy or sticky finish to your buffed saddles and tack, so you don’t need to worry about dust collecting on your treated gear.

Boots, Oilskin Jackets, and Riding Apparel:

You know that a good ride has its fair share of dust and dirt. Lucky for you, Beeseal is one of the very best protectors against the damaging effects of any muck and crud that gets kicked up from riding.

The natural ingredients that make up Canadian Beeseal creates an excellent re-oiling agent for oilskin jackets, helping to repel water, mud, dirt, and whatever else comes your way. Want to make your riding boots shine like new? Canadian Beeseal does that too! Our product works wonders as a leather conditioner for any non-suede leather, as well as a moisturizing protectant for rubber and/or vinyl equestrian apparel. Show riders, professional jockeys, and seasoned ranchers all trust Canadian Beeseal to clean, condition, and protect their expensive gear and clothing – now you can too.

Canadian Beeseal also smells great, and we’ve heard that both horses and horse people enjoy the calming aroma that comes with each and every application of Beeseal!


Yes. Beeseal will provide a seal against mold and mildew when applied regularly to your tack.

No. Beeseal does not make your tack sticky or greasy. So you won’t need to worry about collecting dust.

Yes. Beeseal protects and cleans your leather, vinyl, and rubber riding equipment.

No. Beeseal is not recommended for use on suede leather.

No. Beeseal should not be used on pregnant or foaling mares.

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