A good leather conditioner makes your leather soft and supple while protecting it from the elements. Beeseal goes the extra mile by adding tea tree oils and lemongrass for their cleaning properties, making Beeseal a great leather cleaner as well as leather conditioner and protectant.

Animal fats leave a white film on your leather over time. Petroleum leaves your leather greasy, attracting dirt and dust. Beeseal is made from all natural oils and beeswax that leaves your leather soft and supple without the film or grease.

The best leather conditioner is a beeswax based leather conditioner made from all natural ingredients, like Beeseal! Due to beeswax’s high melting point and dry nature, it’s great for waterproofing your leather and making sure it doesn’t harden over time. 

Start by testing the conditioner on a small, hidden part of your leather. If the color and effect are to your liking, apply it to the rest of the leather a little at a time until it’s all covered.

Yes. Beeseal can be used on wood, vinyl, and plastic! It’s the perfect product for giving your wood a deep shine while cleaning and protecting it.

Yes. Beeseal is made in Canada from 100% Canadian products.

Yes. Beeseal is made from 100% natural, plant based ingredients so you can feel good about your leather conditioner.

No. Beeseal cannot be used on suede leather.

Coconut oil is a great part of a leather conditioner. However, it should be combined with a wax like beeswax to protect your leather from the elements. 

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