Leather Jacket Conditioning with Beeseal

Conditioning Your Leather Jacket For A Lifetime Of Use

A good leather jacket is one of those pieces of clothing that, when properly cared for, can be a staple of your wardrobe for decades. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to keep that awesome leather jacket looking lovely for life.

The Life-Cycle of a Leather Jacket

Anyone who’s loved a leather jacket knows that, as the years pass, these jackets develop characters of their own – leather grains grow more pronounced, creases develop, stitches loosen and fray, and certain parts fade and weather from exposure to the elements. Yet even though some of these things can add to the charm of your maturing leather jacket, they can also add to its gradual disintegration.


A Little Beeseal Leather Treatment Goes A Long Way

A before and after photo of using Beeseal beeswax leather conditioner to a vintage leather jacket's shoulder section.
Before and after applying a small, pea-sized amount of Beeseal to a very dry and faded patch of this vintage leather jacket.

It’s this fine line between “maturing” and “gradual disintegration” that makes the difference between a “vintage leather jacket” and an old, worn out leather jacket.

It’s this fine line between “maturing” and “gradual disintegration” that makes the difference between a “vintage leather jacket” and an old, worn out leather jacket.A Little Beeseal Leather Treatment Goes A Long Way

When it comes to making that vintage jacket last a lifetime, a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure. And taking good care of your prized leather jacket can be incredibly easy when you use just a bit of Beeseal leather conditioner on it!

Even if your leather jacket has already been touched by the hands of time and the elements, Beeseal can help bring it back to its former glory.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve decided to put our Beeseal leather conditioner to the test so you can see for yourself how gentle yet effective Beeseal is on your leather gear.

We borrowed a friend’s favourite leather jacket for this test, so you know we went into it feeling pretty confident. Read on to see how Canadian Beeseal helped bring this vintage leather jacket back to life.

The Weathered Leather Jacket:

The jacket we used for this test has seen it all – from fun in the sun on the Canadian Prairies to the chilly drizzling rain of winter in the French countryside, to the snowy cold of winter in the Rocky Mountains.

This vintage leather jacket is both beautiful and full of amazing memories, but unfortunately all of its adventures had taken their toll. Hard, brittle, faded leather and frayed stitching made this jacket look like worn medieval armour. As a result, it hung in the back of the coat closet for years.

Here’s how it looked when we pulled it out of the closet:


A front and rear photo collage of a vintage leather jacket before applying Beeseal leather conditioner.
Before shots of front and back.

In addition to the stiffness, dirt, and weathering, the stitches were worn and even ripped open in some places. Needless to say, this poor leather jacket deserved some TLC.

Treating A Leather Jacket With Beeseal

Unlike cleaning and conditioning leather with other leather treatment products that use chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients, Beeseal leaves no film or residue behind. Add to that the amazing, natural smells of lemongrass and teatree oil and you will soon find that using Beeseal to condition and clean your leather is not just easy – it’s enjoyable!

Photo of the sleeve of a leather jacket that's been half treated with Beeseal's natural leather conditioner.
The darker 1/2 of this sleeve has been freshly treated with Beeseal

Step 1: The first thing to do when getting ready to treat your jacket with Beeseal is to find a good work spot upon which to lay the jacket flat.

Quick note:We used a beige area rug to show you how mess-free cleaning and condition a leather jacket with Beeseal can be. However, our official recommendation is to lay an old towel or big rag under your jacket.

Step 2: Use a clean cloth to wipe down the jacket to remove any loose dirt or debris. Pay close attention to the seams and folds – this is where dirt loves to hide.

Step 3: Grab a clean rag and open up the Beeseal!

Now, we typically recommend that you close your eyes and take a deep breath so your can enjoy the great smell of Beeseal’s natural leather conditioner – but you don’t have to. It just smells that good.

Use your clean rag to gather a small, pea-sized amount of Beeseal from its container and use that to do a patch test of your jacket. We suggest doing a patch test on some discreet part of your jacket, such as just inside the cuff. Leave that patch test for 24 hours and check back to make sure the treatment leaves your leather looking the way you’d like it to look.

If everything looks good to you, continue to incrementally apply larger pea-sized amounts of Beeseal to your jacket, section-by-section.

If you have some really worn, dry and/or faded areas then you’ll want to pay special attention to ensuring that you cover it completely, like we did with this jacket’s elbows and shoulder areas:

We ended up going over the roughest parts of this leather jacket twice for good measure, but did it ever pay off! Even as we applied the first coating of Beeseal, we saw the dramatic difference it made as it nourished and moisturized the driest and most scaly leather patches. The second application managed to completely vanquished these particularly rough patches.

Here’s a timelapse of our “technique” for revitalizing this favourite vintage jacket:

… and voila!

It’s really that easy to clean and condition your leather jacket using Beeseal – a little time and a little Beeseal will go a lonnnng way when it comes to preserving your favourite leather jacket (or leather boots, shoes, gloves, bags, and so much more).

Want to see what else you can use our all natural, all Canadian Beeseal on? Then feel free to view our product uses page. Want to order yourself a tin (or even a tub) of Canadian Beeseal? Great! Please visit our online shop to see Beeseal’s various sizes and prices points.

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