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After years of selling leather conditioners I decided it was time to start making my own by developing something better than what’s out there. There are a lot of products that use petroleum agents. Then you have a lot of products with beeswax that use animal fat.  I wanted to do better than this. So, sitting in my garage, I started to mix and test all kinds of ingredients. I knew from experience that I wanted to use beeswax as my base.

Beeswax is extremely hard – you need to mix it with an oil or fat to make it softer. Instead of using beef tallow or petroleum like everyone else, I decided to start asking questions to professionals in the field: saddle makers, leather craftsmen, essential herbs specialists. I once read on the Martin Saddlery Blog “If you cannot use it on your skin, do not put in on your leather”. I was inspired by that.

So I went to my local beekeeper and went back to my garage. I always knew that I wanted to use coconut oil in my formula, knowing all the benefits that it provides for skincare. Then came olive oil, one of the oldest leather conditioners in the world. The canola oil just made sense by then, it is a great Canadian oil and full of vitamin E. I mixed all that together and suddenly I had a great, natural leather conditioner. But it was missing a key element: a natural cleaning agent to kill germs and bacteria. 

All of the experts I spoke with, mostly in the equestrian world, directed me towards what I suspected already: TEA TREE OILS. It is the strongest antiseptic and anti fungal out there. In skincare its used to help diminish scars and replenish damaged skin tissue. 

The last step was to improve the scent and I decided to use lemongrass for a few reasons. Its a great natural cleaner, and its a very relaxing smell. As a final touch I added some extra vitamin E. It easily penetrates the leather and conditions it, but lets not forget how it also brings back shine to very dry wood products, like furniture.   

The end result is a versatile product that doesn’t use petroleum that will dry your leather and leave it greasy, or the use of animal by product that leave a white film over time. I came up with a great heavy duty moisturizer that will treat your leather, wood, treat dry skin, or the hoof of a horse. It will protect it from drying out, clean it, and provide a strong water repellent; all with the wonderful, unique, and Canadian beeswax.

Keep in mind that some leather might react differently, so always do a test spot if you are not sure and remember to mind your own Beeseal.

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