After years of selling leather conditioners I decided to start making my own brands and coming out with something new. They are a lots of product out there that use petroleum agents in it. Then you have a lots of product with beeswax that use animal fat in it. So sitting in my garage I started to mix and test all kind of ingredients. Beeswax is extremely hard, so you need to mix with some sort of oil to make it softer. Instead of going with the beef tallow like everybody else, I decided to start asking question around to professional in the field. From saddle maker, leather craftmanto essential herbs specialist. I read once on Martin saddlery blog ; if you cannot use on your skin, do not put in on your leather. So that  what I came up with.

So I went to my local beekeeper and went back to my garage. I always new that I wanted to use coconut oil in my formula, knowing all the benefit that it does to your own skin. Then come olive oil, one of the older leather conditioner in the wold. The canola just made sense by then, it is a great canadian oil and full of vitamin E. Put all that together and I add a great conditioner, but it was missing some key elements. Something to kill and clean all those germ and bacteria. All of the expert I spoke with and mostly in the equestrian wold was sending toward was I kind of new already, TEA TREE OILS. It is the strongest antiseptic and anti fungus out there. In skincare it is used to help decrease scars and replenish damaged skin tissue. And for my horse friends, it is great to use on horse hoofskeep tick away and kill mold and mildew on all the tack. The perfume I decided to go with lemongrass for a few reasons. The first it is a great natural cleane, second it is well know to repeal insect and then is relaxing smell. If it was enough I add it some extra vitamin E, it easily penetrates the leather ( skin ) and conditions it, lets know forget how it bring shine to very dry woods.

So without the use of petroleum that will dry your leather and leave it greasy or the use of animal by product that leave a white film over time. I come up with a great heavy duty moisturizer that will treat your leather,woods, treat dry skin or hoof of the horse. Protect from drying out, clean and bring a strong water repellent with that wonderfull CANADIAN beeswax.

Keep in mind that some leather might react differently, so always do a test spot if you are not sure and remember to mind your own beeseal.

Mathieu Thibodeau